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Little Known A+ Albums: #6: Bring ‘Em In by Mando Diao


This is what you're looking for. Its all right here.


Let’s talk for a second about the Swedish.  Meatballs and prefab furniture aside, the Swedish are possibly the best source for rock music today.  When the Hives made the jump from Sweden to America an MTV reporter asked them why they would leave thousands of fans and all their fame to come to the USA.  They responded by saying that we (America) has forgotten how to rock.

How can you argue against that point today when our best-selling rock artists are Kings of Leon and men in girls pants?  Since grunge died, rock has struggled.  The rock/rap thing went way overboard and now we’re in shambles with all this hardcore nonsense.  But this isn’t a review of our nation’s inability to think for itself and actually seek out great artists.  No, this is about me seeking it out for you.

May I then present the revival rock band Mando Diao and their 2002 debut album “Bring ‘Em In.”  First of all, what an awesome title for a debut.  The cover is a photo of the band and it looks like they’re trying to get into a club or show or something.  It’s a subtle awesome, very understated in black and white.

In truth, that is almost what this band is. We’re talking about the roots of rock and roll explored by a capable and talented band.  The first track, “Sheepdog” actually sounds just like the Arctic Monkeys.  It doesn’t sound like a particular song by them, but it sounds JUST LIKE them.

The second song, “Sweet Ride” is worth the whole album by itself.  I don’t understand half the words in this song, but that doesn’t stop me from singing along with it every single time I play it.  You know how sometimes when you’re driving or you’re about to play a game of football or something like that, and you just need to get pumped up?  You shuffle through your iPod and you look through your CD case, and by the time you find what you think you want it doesn’t deliver.  It never does.  Well, “Sweet Ride” is that song you’re REALLY looking for, and it goes like this:

The rest of the album is great, but I promise that you will not get past track 4 before you want to go back and listen to that marvel of modern music again and again and again.

Once you get over it, maybe a year later, you’ll hear other great songs like Mr. Moon and The Band.  Speaking of “The Band,” check out this awesome tid bit of info about where the song came from, coming to you via Wikipedia:

“The Band” is a song from the Swedish rock band Mando Diao. It is about a fight between the band’s two singers. It was written when singer/songwriter Gustaf Norén wanted to leave the band and move away from their hometown of Borlänge, Sweden. Björn Dixgård, the band’s other singer/songwriter, wrote the chorus of the song to Norén after their fight to reveal his side of the argument. Norén returned to the band after hearing Dixgård’s song. The band reconciled, and Norén wrote the verses to the song.

Mando Diao shows a lot of range on this CD, especially for a band in their genre.  They go from garage band styles to blues and back again over and over.  It’s an interesting contrast and it works really well.  For this reason, it earns an A+

The album is available for about $2.50 on  Buy it.