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Severe Tire Damage

(Since I couldn’t find ANY tracks, other than Dr. Worm, from this album on youtube, the live videos featured here are the closest things I could find to the album)

When I bought Severe Tire Damage, I didn’t know I was buying a live CD. It was the second CD I bought by the band, and I noticed it contained a lot of hits, so I went for it. The first track, “Dr. Worm” is a studio track:

The next track, “Sever Tire Damage Theme” is also a studio track. But the rest of the album is live, taken from a number of different shows following the release of their album Factory Showroom. One of the tracks was actually recorded in a hotel room. The song is called “Meet James Ensor” and was originally on the album John Henry. This live version features an acapella solo, which is a lot of fun to listen to.

There are two tracks on this album that were unreleased prior to this album. The song “First Kiss” was slowed down greatly and became “Another First Kiss.” Also, the song “They Got Lost” would be released on their next album, Long Tall Weekend, it would also be slowed down and retooled a bit. I honestly like the live versions better.

They Might Be Giants are an amazing live band and I’m really happy I picked this up by accident when I did. It let me hear that this oddball band actually puts on a great show. After seeing the band live about 10 times now, I can say that Severe Tire Damage really does showcase the energy and entertainment of a TMBG show. Though it came out before a bunch of my favorite songs were written, and though it omits a lot of great hits from They Might Be Giants and Lincoln, it does give us some fantastic versions of “Birdhouse in Your Soul” and “Istanbul” as well as “Till My Head Falls Off” (my favorite track on the album):

The album also features for the first time on a full CD the song “Why Does the Sunshine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas).” The song, which was originally a PSA, is a cover that was released as an EP. The single contains the studio version, which is much different. The live version is fantastic, but the song would be released on their children’s album Here Comes Science! In 2009.

The last seven tracks were all written as a kind of homage to the Planet of the Apes movies. They’re pretty interesting, and kind of weird, especially since they’re not listed on the album at all. All the songs were apparently improvised, which is pretty impressive. Here’s one:

You can find Sever Tire Damage on used for $1.25.