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The Lego Movie

lego movieEvery movie franchise has gotten a Lego video game, so it’s about time that Lego got a movie.  Does that make sense?  I feel like that makes sense.  My wife wanted to see this movie from the moment she found out Will Arnett was going to voice Batman, but that honestly wasn’t enough to get me excited.  When I saw all the cameos in the movie, I started to get a little interested, but still, I wasn’t giddy about the idea of sitting through an hour and a half of Lego anything.  The games have always been disappointing to me, and I have no idea what’s going on with these weird ninja Lego cartoons that kids seem to love.  Lego and I have just grown apart over time.

Yo, Dawg, I heard you liked Legos.

Yo, Dawg, I heard you liked Legos.

I saw the movie last week with this attitude in my back pocket, and after slowly being won over by the charm and the humor of the movie, I left debating with my wife about just where this movie stands on our “All Time Favorite Cartoon” list.  It’s a lot higher on hers, but I’m pretty sure it has a place on mine somewhere. Still, the longer I thought about it, the more I liked it.

My biggest gripe with the film was that is relies too much on references to other franchises.  But we ARE talking about Lego, here.  Representing other franchises is their bread and butter.  The Star Wars references and the Lord of the Rings references were all well timed, they didn’t dominate the movie, and they were fun.  Thinking about it now, this was one of the movies strongest points and it really represented their brand well.

The casting for the movie is another bright spot.  Chris Pratt, who has been on my “Interesting Actors” radar for a while now, does a great job of voicing the main character,  Will Farrel makes for a funny bad guy, and Charlie Day is a stand-out as he always seems to be. Elizabeth Banks’ character is a nice strong female lead as well, which I think parents of young girls will be happy about.  And of course, Nick Offerman is always gold.

Also, the Good-Cop/Bad-Cop character (Liam Neeson) was pretty brilliant.

Also, the Good-Cop/Bad-Cop character (Liam Neeson) was pretty brilliant.

The animation was, obviously, a big part of the show.  Whenever things would slow down, it gave me a chance to really appreciate all the work that went into the film.  Building and ripping things apart is a big part of playing with Legos and I was happy that it was a big part of the film.  It really felt like this wasn’t a film made in Legos, as much as it was a film ABOUT Legos, and that was pretty cool.

Over all, the movie gets an A for original ideas masked under the familiar face of Lego, amazing visual effects, and for imaginative settings that bridged multiple Lego series’.

You should watch this movie if you’re a fan of kids movies, silly movies, goofy comedy, nostalgia, and creative animation.