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Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad by [adult swim] iconI love Adult Swim games for the iOS.  No matter who the developer may be, they’re all great.  Castle Doombad is no exception.  I bought it 3 weeks ago and have been all-about it since. 


The story is basically that you work for a bad guy who needs you to build defenses in his castle to keep heroes away from his captured princess.  You get to build all kinds of traps over multiple stories of the castle, including a trapdoor, a troll that blocks the path of the would-be good-guys, and spinning blades on the ceiling.  There are a ton traps that can be unlocked, some that attack on their own and some that rely on your expert timing to be deployed.  All of this is purchased with “screams” that you are harvesting from the aforementioned princess and from machines you can build that create artificial screams. 

Castle Doombad pits you against a number of heroic characters.
Pictured: Not your character

Castle Doombad is not the most original title in the world.  It harkens back to the 2004 game Evil Genius in a lot of ways, but it is simple to play like any other tower defense game on iOS. Still, what it lacks in its originality it makes up for in its execution and charm.  The minions you can buy are a lot of fun to watch run around your castle, and the heroes all have a level of personality that can be appreciated without being too distracting to make some nail-biting, last minute, game saving additions to your top floor.


Some other things this game gets right is that it’s not on a freemium model.  You buy it, and that’s all there is to it.  Other Adult Swim games could have used this approach (I’m looking at you, Amateur Surgeon 3), and I hope something has been learned here. 


While most Adult Swim games can end up feeling very repetitive (Robot Unicorn, Mole Escape and Giant Boulder of Doom, primarily), Castle Doombad has kept my attention for a while now.  Chalk this up to interesting game modes (including a mode that moves your castle progressively lower into the dungeon instead of up into the sky. I still can’t figure out why playing in this mode feels so different and game changing when it really isn’t…), tons of unlockables and upgrades, and an endless mode where you can earn a ton of gold to unlock other goodies. 

photo (1)

When things get flipped over in the dungeon stages, things feel very different.

If you just got an iOS device, I would still probably recommend Super Monsters Ate My Condo, but Castle Doombad is a close second.  It is by far my favorite tower defense style game on iOS, and possibly my favorite tower defense game ever.


Castle Doombad gets an A+ for creative design, fun characters, and game play that does not dull out as quickly as other iOS titles.


You should play this game if you’re a fan of: iOS games, Adult Swim games, Tower Defense games, super hero characters, super villains, or cartoon humor. 


RIP Guitar Hero

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Oh, did you want to play?

I remember the first time I saw Guitar Hero. My friend and I stood around at Best Buy watching one asshole hog the demo for a good 15 minutes.  We heard the same songs over and over again, asking ourselves “Is this cool?  It seems cool, but is it lame?”  Some people say rhythm gaming is a lame excuse to be lazy and not learn how to play a real instrument.  I say Guitar Hero introduced a way for gamers to combine their passion for music and their passion for gaming in one absolute experience.  For a true lover of rock music and for passionate gamers, Guitar Hero was a true gaming gem.  It was like combining peanut butter and chocolate, or monster trucks and beer; you love it so much that you’re sad that you didn’t get to experience it sooner.

And now, Guitar Hero is dead.  And why?  Activision milked the golden goose until it bled from its teats.  With nine titles in nearly the last 18 months, and no significant change in game play, the Guitar Hero franchise has lost its luster.  This isn’t the first time a franchise has been beaten to death by sequel after sequel after half-assed sequel.  Activision is guilty of this crime many times throughout its history, most recently with the Tony Hawk series which had become stagnant after multiple released in quick succession with little improvement in each game.  The response of the company wasn’t to enhance the quality of game play and give fans what they wanted.  Instead they made a new skateboard controller that didn’t work properly.
Guitar Hero only needed a little time away from the fray.  It needed retooling and it needed its greatest attributes to be resurrected and brought into the forefront of game play.  The final installment of the series is a testament to Activision’s diluted sense of what consumers want and it’s blatant lack of regard for releasing a quality product.  Do gamers want a better, wider range of songs?  Do they want a new experience via gameplay?  Do they want a better multiplayer system?  More real rock stars in the game?  Nope.  They want to turn into super heroes and ANIMALS!

Insert Animorph references here.

Not cool.

What really gets to me is that I defended Guitar Hero, which I still believe has a better looking interface than Rock Band.  Even when Rock Back took an obvious lead in the genre, I stood by my old friend, Guitar Hero.  Now, they jumped the shark and sank.

RIP Guitar Hero.