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The Spine by They Might Be Giants

The Spine is one of my favorite albums by They Might Be Giants. Although No! was a wonderful album, The Spine was a welcome change and reassurance of the band’s abilities. It contains quite a few rockers and some really evolved and adult sounds.

An interesting track on the album is “Thunderbird” because of its connection to a song from Long Tall Weekend, “On Earth My Nina.” I’ll talk about that connection a little more in another article, but this “Thunderbird” is a really fun track that was written by the band years before the release of The Spine.

Some other high velocity tracks include “It’s Kicking In” and “Damn Good Times.” These two songs are two of my favorite from the band’s entire catalog, and are two of the most amazing songs to see the band perform live because of the sheer energy involved. These songs really helped reassure me as a fan that TMBG was not becoming strictly a children’s band. They would continue to write fantastic music geared toward its adult fans as well.

Really, the band says a lot with The Spine. TMBG shows us that they can still write adult music, that they can still be as catchy and witty as always, while still remaining smart and progressive. Songs like “Au Contraire” and “Excremental Film” are fun listens with strong and fascinating lyrics, while “Prevenge” and “I Can’t Hide From My Mind” carry the tradition of smart and witty subject matter wrapped in carefully written and crafted music.

I really suggest this album for a first CD. It’s just weird enough to get you ready for early stuff by the band, but it also features a more contemporary style that might make it more accessible for new fans. You can find The Spine on used for about $3. I suggest you do.