Police: Protectors or Collectors?

So, I got a ticket. Normally, I’d put up with it and I’d pay it and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I did it before. This was my fault, I’ll admit it, whatever, I’m not mad that I got caught or anything. I should have done what I did. But it was the method with which I was caught that aggravates me.


I got caught on camera. Now, I know, do the crime, pay the fine, but this is a little much.


I think everyone would agree, the only reason these cameras exist is because the city needs more money. But why am I the one who has to get stuck with the bill? Because police officers weren’t able to do their jobs properly, and because this city has failed to reduce its crime rate, we are all subjected to these traffic photos.


I’m not saying I don’t deserve the fine, I’m not saying I’m not going to pay, I’m just saying that it’s wrong for the city to target all its citizens driving down a particular street because of other problems in the city. I’m not in a gang, I’m not out at all hours of the night blaring my stereo or walking around with an open container, but I’ve seen those people, and I’ve seen them often. So, why don’t police? Why am I forced to pay this ticket that didn’t affect anyone, while all those other assholes don’t? Because the cops in this city aren’t doing their jobs correctly, and now I’m paying for it.


I’ve never been in a situation before where the police saved the day. I don’t think I’ve ever thought, “Thank god the police were there.” Because they’re never there. They used to show up and tell me and my friends not to play football in the parking lot of the park, but they weren’t there when I was assaulted outside a movie theater two months ago. They showed up to tell me my alarm malfunctioned and threatened to charge me $400 if it ever did it again, but they weren’t there when some jerks were throwing stuff at my car. In fact, when I called them to tell them about the incident, I was forwarded to so many different departments that by the time I got to the right person, she told me it was pretty slim that they would be able to find the people.


So, yeah, the police are pretty much a part of our community just to take our money. All they’ve done with these cameras is just found a way to collect more money from more people who are not the problem. Instead of pressing people who don’t work, do drugs, and walk around at all hours of the night drinking in the streets around here, they’ve perfected new ways to dig into the pockets of people like me who pay taxes and obey the law 99% of the time.


I’m not perfect. I’m going to pay the ticket. There isn’t really anything to fight here except for the ethics of the situation.   But I wanted to let everyone know my feelings on the police, these cameras, and shitty system I have to live with for now.


The police: F-


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  1. A-bomb Said:

    Cameras are bullshit! I hate them. cost me 350 for something i didnt do and that i was not notified of. fuck cops, fuck cameras, and fuck california.

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