Raditude Faditude

You can't judge this album by its awesome cover.

So, I just got the new Weezer CD, Raditude. I expect to be taking it back tomorrow morning. My roommate wouldn’t let me borrow his, so…lame.


Anyway, I was disappointed to see it’s a two CD set. At least the second CD only has 4 tracks.


On the back there’s a nice picture of them riding bikes. BMX bikes. I guess they’re too cool for beach cruisers. I will say this, I like the album cover. The dog jumping in the air thing is pretty wicked.


I’m about to start listening to the CD and I’ll write down my thoughts as I go along. I’m reviewing this album because this is a band I want to still like, but I refuse to lie to myself. If you didn’t read my review of the band, you may want to in order to get a better understanding of what I mean. Their last singles have been so bad that it pains me to even admit I once liked this band. The new single, from what I heard, isn’t so nauseating, so maybe this is the beginning of a reversion to their roots as an alternative band of geeks that are awesome.


Track one: (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To:

This is the only song I’ve heard from this album. It starts off pretty solid. It’s actually a good song to start an album off with. Very upbeat, kinda catchy. I don’t really like the bridge but the chorus makes up for it. It reminds me of the Green album a bit. The lyrics aren’t as great as the Blue album, but the melody is still catchy.


    Track two: I’m Your DaddyIt reminds me of the Marvelous Three, and that’s not good. I’m looking at some of these lyrics…the chorus is a joke. Or at least I feel like it is. The chorus could seriously be a Weird Al song…if Weird Al gave up.


    Track three: The Girl Got Hot

    Ok, let’s see whats up with this one. I like the chanting back up vocals from the start. The lyrics aren’t so bad. Honestly, of the three, this is the best song so far. I like it. It sounds like they’re having fun, like they’re not trying to be anything they’re not. It’s pop rock and it’s catchy, and damn it, I like it.

    Sadly, I think I just remembered what the next song was…

    .Track Four:: Can’t Stop Partying

    Yeah…ok, so this song starts off sounding like a scremo number. Suddenly it turns into a song that is…well…the lamest thing ever. It reminds me, honestly, of They Might Be Giant’s album, Mink Car. They have a song called “Man It’s So Loud in Here.” That song is also kind of a club song, something you could dance to, but it’s about things that are true to the band. It’s about a store being turned into a nightclub and an airport being turned into a nightclub. It’s fun and it’s cool and it’s catchy. They tried a new style but remained as zany and lovable as ever because you knew it was still a TMBG song.


    Bands have fun with music all the time (look at Ween), and they try different styles, but some bands don’t get that you can’t elect to try something new and throw everything you’ve ever done out the window. When you do that, you begin to isolate your fan base and you start losing people, like me, who now cannot find anything to identify with in your music.


    Track Five: Put Me Back TogetherYeah, ok, this starts pretty good. Mellower, better lyrics, sounds like an alternative song. Gets a little sappy. I like, however, that it reminds me of the heartache/outcast themes of the Blue album, but it almost feels a little too mellow dramatic at times. I feel like Rivers’ vocals are the weakest part of this song, I’m not into the melody and the lyrics lose me at times, I do really enjoy the music. Still, this might be my new favorite song on the CD. Good show, men.


    Track Six: Trippin’ Down The FreewayThe title had me worried, but this isn’t so bad. If the band was to have grown into a one that makes the kind of pop rock music in this song, the song before, and on track 3, things would be all good.


    Track Seven: Love Is The Answer

    Is love the answer? I’m digging the intro. Very psychedelic. I’m not sure what to think of it. It sounds good. I like it I guess. I wasn’t really ready for it, to be honest. Lots of Indian sounding instruments and singers. It’s not a bad thing. I like it when bands try new things. I wish they would experiment with more interesting sounds like these and not so much the hip hop stuff.

    As I listen to this, I can’t help but laugh to myself as I realize that a lot of their fans might think just the opposite and “not get” or dismiss this song like I did to track 4.


    Track Eight: Let It All Hang Out

    Good song. Catchy. Still, Rivers is the weakest part of this song. I don’t really like his lyrics and I don’t really like the melody.


    Track Nine: In The MallWhat happens in the mall stays in the mall. I didn’t expect the grungy guitar. Or the lyrics to be totally about hanging out in the mall and what the mall looks like…I guess this is kinda cool. New favorite song. I like the chorus. A lot.


    Track Ten: I Don’t Want To Let You GoHow fitting that an album ends with a track about not letting go…I feel like I’ve seen this before. Jesus Christ. Would someone please tell Rivers that he can’t rap. It’s SO LAME. I don’t know, honestly, if I’ve heard anything lamer, and I know all about Har Mar Superstar. I’m skipping this track. It’s nearly unbearable. The chorus isn’t making up for anything.


Bonus Disk

  1. Get Me SomeAlright! WOO! EVERYTHING SUCKS! It’s true, Rivers. Everything you do sucks. This is a bad song. I don’t buy it..
  2. Run Over By A Truck …                                                                      Next..
  3. The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide WorldOne chord over and over for twenty seconds…then…it gets a little better. Question: What the hell is a turtle dove, anyway?.

    This song is a lot better than anything else on this CD. The second one, anyway. It’s ok. It gets a little dull, you know, since the rhythm guitar is one chord over and over for most of the song.

  4. The Underdogs.I’ve never seen a more aptly named track. There is very little chance that this song will be able to make up for all the crappy songs I just listened to.

    It’s like an R&B song, I guess. But Rivers isn’t letting it all hang out. He’s keeping in his range and not pushing it. I respect that, but I feel like this isn’t a Weezer song. I feel like this isn’t even a Weezer-trying-to-do-something-different song. It’s like a Fountains of Wayne song. It reminds me of “All Kinds of Time.”


Ok, so after listening to this album and the bonus disk, I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be. There are actually some good songs on here. I’m still taking this CD back, but I might get those 4 songs I like on iTunes. I don’t recommend this CD at all. If you are a fan boy and you will love everything Weezer will ever do, you’re love this and you probably already have it. So, if you don’t have it, you probably won’t like it unless you have very low standards.


Let’s save this album for people who watch reality TV and read Perez Hilton.


I want to end by saying this: I feel like I wasn’t a big enough Weezer fan to follow them through these weird changes they’ve gone through. I’m not a Super fan. Those are the ones who bought Make Believe and the Red Album despite the singles or the ones who lied to themselves and said they actually liked Pork and Beans. What they got was probably something similar to what I just got: a 50/50 mix of songs that are good and songs that are bad. If you’re ok with that, go for it, but I’m not buying for a minute that a lot of these songs about partying and hanging with his posse are from his heart, and that was one of the biggest draws to Weezer, for me at least. Every great song means something to the person who wrote it. These aren’t great songs. They’re the tired ramblings of someone who wishes he was something he’s not.


Buy the Return of the Rentals instead.


Hey, Justin, what do Weezer and the San Diego Chargers have in common?

They both have Rivers that suck!


That’s two burns in one burn for my buddy, Justin. He’s the one who got me into the Rentals, though, so tell him thanks when you start digging on that album.


Grade: D


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